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Our family memoir. No better time to share than autism awareness month. Acceptance is the biggest gift you can give a child with autism. My journey and the journey of many.

AJ Works at Shop Rite

All things are possible! My son is working at Shop-Rite independently.  He started off with a job coach and now he is on his own.  I'm so proud of him.  Just a few days a week but amazing progress.  With all of the awsome supports he is thriving and proud of himself and his own accomplishments.  I'm not saying it is easy, but I am saying it is worth it.

Thank you to my followers!

A quick shoutout to all of my followers.  Just wanted to say "hello" and thank everyone for their kind words and support. Sometimes that is all you need to make someone else's day. You guys are awsome! Thanks again.  

Tim Tiebow Night to Shine Prom

This is my son Anthony (left) and his best friend, Joe.  As a parent you always want your children to have those milestones. One of Anthony's came in February when he went to the prom with his best friend.  Anthony received an invitation through a nomination.  He didn't want to go without Joe and I made that happen through a few phone calls. It was a night to remember.  The excitement and the smiles on their faces were incredible.  They danced the night away.  It was such an awsome time for all of those involved.  It is such a wonderful experience for all special needs children.  There are no words to describe as a parent the happiness we felt for both of them that magical evening.  All things are possible. Love, hope and faith! Don't ever give up. Sometimes hope and faith is all we have. Love to you all. Cathy

AJ's Winter Break and Why Letting Go is so Important

Now that winter break is over, the new year begins and my birthday approaching I become reflective as always. I guess almost like a mama bear in it's cave gazing at it's cubs. Yeah it's like that. Feeling very melancholy lately. Maybe even more so because of my ❤️ condition. So my son AJ was here for the entire break. As you all know, he lives in Woodbury because of his disabilities. What a mature young man he has become. Every morning he would bundle up and take our family dog for a walk with no questions asked. He intuitively knew it was too cold for me to be outside. He would take the laundry down without hesitation. Asked if I was ok and needed anything. Why is it important to let them go unconditionally and trust? So they return home with a sense of independence, understanding and maturity. So they can discover their wings and fly on their own. I miss him every day as I live an breathe with him in my heart. Looking back though, in hindsight, it was the best decision for us a family unit. For him to grow into an adult and be able to function in a society where being different isn't always accepted and extremely challenging. So today I pat myself on the back because he is becoming the young man I knew he could be. I am extremely grateful for all of his accomplishments big and small. He is seizure free, communicative, expresses his emotions, uses curse words appropriately and within context, (lol) has a great sense of humor, is compassionate, has empathy and is a loving person. He has a lot of more to accomplish but it's within his reach. God has his hand in everything and in everything there is God. Hope and faith keep you on your mark. Don't lose sight even when all seems imposssible. HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! 

My Heart Attack

If you are a special needs parent, please take the time to read this. Hey friends. Debating posting this because some things you can't wrap your head around or process. So this past Thursday, November 2nd while at a meeting in AJ's school I had a heart attack. Good news  there was a nurse on staff and I had my two good friends that are my advocates with me. They kept me calm and got me help. Takotsubo Cardiomyopathy. Now what is that? Broken Heart Syndrome . Guess what people it does exist. I'm ok. I do not need stents but a defribulator which is being put in tomorrow. Why am I letting you guys know? I lost 120 pounds, watched what I ate, meditated and distressed the best way I could. I thought I was ok. I was not a candidate to be a cardiac patient.  That day was like any other day and I had about enough of one person's bullshit and I paid a very heavy price.  So my advice to all of you is that stress kills.  Tell people off when necessary beating the shit out of them is optional. But don't do what I did. Statistics are that most ladies don't survive this. Love to all of you. Please be grateful for your family and friends. Always find time and tell them you love them. Hugs are the best medicine.❤

Michael and Varsity Football

Parenting is the hardest job in the world. Now with that being said, we always want what's best for them and want them to strive for more. My Michael was bullied very bad at the age of 8 years old. It changed him but made him stronger. He stopped playing football which he was so passionate about. At the time it really broke my heart but as a parent all I could do was support him and get him the help he needed. He had nightmares, tremors, scared to sleep alone and anxiety. Through the years he received the help he needed. He has now decided to try out for Massapequa Varsity. He is so out of his comfort zone and I am so dam proud of him. He has been pushing himself every day. He is making his own decisions. Why is this so important? Because Aspergers/Autism is not winning!!! I prayed every morning and afternoon for God to keep him safe, for his ego not to be crushed and for him not to give up on himself. Making the team is in God's hands. Well he is succeeding and determined for himself. That is the only thing that matters. He thanked me for the encouragement and support. That's all we can do. Let go and let God.

Just When You Think You Have It All Wrong As A Parent

My son Anthony 18 has has been wanting to upgrade to Xbox1 for a while and waiting patiently. Michael my youngest organized all of his games and old xbox for trade-ins. Michael asked if I could drive them to Gamestop. Michael went into the store started to explain to his disabled brother the process. How the stuff you turn back in becomes useable cash points on your card and you can put that towards your new Xbox1 console and other games. He had such patience with him. When we got home he asked how old he had to be his guardian and how difficult it was to change the guardianship papers when he was old enough? I never pushed the issue as a parent. I asked him if he was sure. He said he's my brother, he needs me, that's what I'm suppose to do. I get emotional just thinking about it. He's turning 16 in 6 days. What an awsome mature young man has become. Just when you think your doing it all wrong they surprise you. I'm grateful and my heart is full of joy.

AJ Calls 911 for Grandma

My Mom was on the phone with my disabled son AJ on Saturday night and she fell, slipped on the floor and knocked herself out. My son handed me the phone and said grandma is hurt, grandpa can't get her awake, call 911 she needs an ambulance and she may have a concussion. As I listened to my Dad trying to wake her I had an overwhelming feeling I couldn't describe. My son grabbed his jacket and starting yelling for us to go to to her. I called the ambulance and when arriving she was conscious but had an ash look. Long short of it, she has a huge bump on the back of her head. MRI's and xrays negative. She stayed overnight with pain and nauseous meds. My Mom is fine. Nothing short of a miracle Doctor's said. My son AJ knew exactly what to do.[The unconditional love for his Grandparents.] I broke down later on but held it together when I had. I'm very grateful and when thinking back could have turned out very differently. Be grateful with all your heart because you just don't know when it's all going to change. My lesson is to never underestimate my son and his disabilities. In the word impossible is "I'm Possible!" Sending love to everyone. Have a good day. ❤XO

Tired of Being Worried and Tired (The Raw Truth)

I know I'm not alone in this. Special needs parents are always tired, anxious, worried, stressed and running on adrenaline.  When people tell me I'm strong and that's why I have two sons with disabilities, I have to say it's bullshit. You are special and you only get what you can handle. More bullshit. That's because people don't know what to say. That's the truth. To be honest with you, I'm all about being positive but this life is really dam difficult. I'm so tired of making decisions, worrying about triggers and meltdowns and thinking for everyone that when it comes to myself I'm out of thoughts.  That's why it's so important to take care of ourselves. Take time for self nurturing.  My mind is my prison lately.

I'm really struggling with all of this lately.  Now that we have this new Congress in the Whitehouse we never know what challenges they/he will add to our lives on a daily basis. Now we have to continue to fight even harder for services because it looks like disabled children are going to suffer the consequences of our new education system to be implemented along with services and trying to make cuts and changes to Medicaid.  From my perspective being discriminated against because of disabilities.  So instead of helping the less fortunate or the weak, Congress decided unprotect and give them less.

I'm not one for discussing politics but it is in disgraceful taste all that is being descriminated against and dividing us as a nation.  So it is my duty to remain resistant and mindful of what is important and fight back.  Our future children deserve so much more.  We need to preserve democracy as we know it.  All of this chaos, hate and divide really does hurt my heart and makes me emotional. I would really like to get feedback in knowing that I'm not alone. Which is how I feel most of the time.

We are all different, but should accept the differences with an open mind and heart. I would rather love and care for one another than hate.  Peace and love to everyone.

The Ups and Downs of Autism

Hey friends. I find it much easier to post when things are going so well. Another when your heart hurts as a parent because of tough love. My son AJ kicked a hole in the wall because of batteries for his xbox on Saturday morning. I'm sure it was his impulsivity. My husband headed out to buy them only to return to the damage. We were in the process of a solution but apparently it wasn't face enough.(My son Michael ordered a wire adapter from Amazon. No more batteries.) My husband took him downstairs and showed him how to repair it. I asked my son what happens when you are working in the real world and don't get your way? Do you physically damage property, curse and lash out? He put his head down and said no Mom. Unfortunately I had plans to spend quality time but I had to bring him back to his residence. There he broke two staff phones and a window. Destruction of property in my home is a deal breaker. Parents of special needs children know all too well. He's 18yo I expect so much more from him and I know he's capable of it. This autism life is exhausting. The highs and lows of emotions are surmountable at times. He's come very far and yes things could be worse but I'm tired and little heartbroken. I'm a strong person but just want to hide from it all. So enjoy your children this week and keep in mind everyone has a struggle you don't know about. Be patient, loving, care for one another and try not to judge.

Little Things are Big Things

My husband came home with a huge smile on his face. Why? Our eldest son AJ remembered his birthday, his cell phone number and called him on his phone. I know exactly how he felt because he dialed me at home to wish me a Happy Valentine's Day and told me he loved me. These are the little things that are taken for granted. To us, as special needs parents, it is HUGE. I had a neurologist once tell me not to set the bar so high that he would not amount to much. Imagine? Appreciate the little things because for some us it is just the hope for our children to accomplish those little things.#autismsuccess #HOPE #FAITH

Christmas Miracles

Something to lift the spirit for the holidays.

Picked up AJ from his Woodbury residence. I ask him how his week was. He said he worked at the nursing home for a day. He set the table for their holiday party, made goodie bags, assisted in the kitchen and helped where ever needed. He looked at me and said, "Mom I loved it! I really enjoyed helping people!" "That is what I want to do for a living!" Best Christmas gift ever! How much I love that young man! So proud! This is the young man who couldn't speak, behaviorial issues, processing delay and was emotionally disruptive. My advice to family and friends of special needs children, don't ever underestimate what they are able to accomplish.  Faith, hope and prayers are a very big part of my daily life.  The mindset is a very strong tool so use it wisely and keep focused on your goals whether it is for you or someone you love. 

Have a wonderful holiday.  My best to all of you.

Center for Developmental Disabilities Fall Festival for Families

My son AJ has not lived with us since he was 7 1/2 years old. Not an easy decision to make but one that we have NO regrets making to give him the best future possible. I'm a parent advocate and very involved in festivities for his school which is funded by our Parents Association.  As a special needs parent, I feel very blessed to be surrounded by other parents that understand my situation.  I enjoy working with these children and having them experience the same things that neuro-typical children experience on a daily basis.  We organized a Fall Festival.  The children picked pumpkins and decorated them with stickers.  We had bushels of apples and the children got to pick one for themselves.  We had delicious snacks and tattoos.  What was enjoyed most by all was the petting zoo.  These animals had such a calming affect on these children.  To watch the children's faces as the spent time in the presence of these animals was such a great experience.

My European parents didn't approve of my son living outside of our home. They didn't understand the depth of his disabilities and the sacrifices we made to give him what he needed to be successful in this world.  I know they were coming only from a place of love but it hurt me and my husband to the core.  The day of the Fall Festival my parents came and shared in the day with myself, their grandson and the children.  All things are possible.  Don't ever give up faith and hope.  You need to do what works for you and not care what others think.  It is very difficult to do but in the end you will see for yourself your intuition is a gift and it should be followed always.

These animals were all rescued and now cared for with love.

Love & Light, Cathy


My son AJ turned 18 years old.  This is him with his brother Michael.  I am so grateful for his accomplishments every day.  He has made so many strides considering his multiple disabilities.  He is seizure free, verbal and non-behaviorial.  I find it amazing that when he was getting services as a baby it would make such a tremendous difference in his life.  Being diagnosed with autism isn't the worst thing in the world.  It is not admitting your child has a problem that affects them for the rest of their lives.  So try and see what is in front of you even though it is painful.  They didn't ask to be born like this.  I'm certain they are stuck in bodies that they wouldn't choose for themselves.  So be their warrior and advocate and give them the fighting chance they deserve.  God bless all of you. Love & Light, Cathy

AJ Teaches Adaptive Gym Class

So this happened.  Attended back to school night at The Center for Developmental Disabilities in Woodbury for my son AJ where he lives and schools. The gym teacher approached my and said, "You should be very proud of your son".  I asked, "why?" Your son is co-teaching, and teaching adaptive gym techniques to the younger children.  I watch him from the back of the gymnasium and he took over immediately and needed no direction.  All things are possible. Please don't give up hope or faith. He is going to be 18 yo next month. He is seizure free, verbal, athletic, non-behavioral and a typical teenager who wants to give service to younger children with special needs. I am so proud of my son! HUGE HUGE HUGE

All About Perspective/15 yo Builds Computer

My son Michael who is 15 years old and has Aspergers built his own computer this summer. It is very impressive. So many pieces as life. Put them all together in it's correct place and it runs efficiently. He looked at me and said, it's all about perspective!"  

Although difficult at times, parents try not to lose perspective.

AJ Called Home

For all that don't know my son AJ does not live with me because of his disabilities. Friday we were on Merrick Road and passed the high school. (The kids were going to prom.) My son looked at me and said "Mom they look so nice and they are graduating"..The girls look so pretty, I was crushed inside for him. This time of year is very difficult for me as a parent. (milestones) On another note, I received a phone call from where he lives that he wanted to talk to me. He asked me to go see "The Jungle Book" with him tomorrow. The supervisor there informed me he dialed the number by himself. Please don't take the little things for granted. Sometimes the little things are the BIG THINGS.

Trip to Antigua this summer

I have been asked for updates and more posts which I think is great! So Thank you!

This past summer my family and I traveled to Antigua. A trip that was given to us for my volunteer work with disabled children and for my book.

My son AJ who has not lived with us since he is 71/2 years old is now 17 and very independent.  My husband and I wanted to stay at the resort while my son AJ wanted to experience the entire island.  My son was introduced to the activities director which had his own disabilitiy.  I explained to my husband we needed to let him go and be that independent young man we are raising him to become.  My husband and 14yo son had issues with my decision.

Every morning AJ would meet the acitivities director after breakfast and follow the activities agenda with all the guests.  Volley ball, hiking, touring, tennis, water sports, etc.  He would meet us back at the cottage at 6:30pm in time for dinner.  I showed him the available of the phones at every section of the resort and how to use it to call a cart for transportation.  For him not to panic if he had become lost because all of the units looked a like. He had his name and cottage around his neck.

I told my husband to let him experience the island through his own eyes.  If we hold him back the trip will not be the same for him.  One morning he awoke took his meds and went for a walk. He followed a man cutting down fruits from the island.  Two hours later he knocked on the door with a cut open coconut. With excitement in his voice, "Mom I wanted you to taste a real fresh coconut cut off of the tree!"

My husband said that there was something wrong with me to let him go like that.  I knew it was time and that he was ready.  I told my husband to hang out at the pool, enjoy some drinks, let go and let GOD take over.  

All in all, it was an awsome trip!  By the end of it all of the tourists and island natives knew who he was and greeted him with a smile and a hello!  The young man who could not speak and struggled with so many disabilities.

All things are possible! Hold on to your hope and keep your faith!


My boys made their confirmation on October 28th, Thursday. For my 17 year old son never thought it was possible. Knew his prayers, knew the name he chose and spoke to the bishop. Mind you he was once non-verbal, behavioral, seizures and is none of those things now.  Don't ever give up hope! All things are possible!

Happy Birthday AJ!

So our baby AJ will be 17yo tomorrow. I'm so proud of his successes. He is going away with his friends for his birthday. I wanted this for him. Independence and happiness. It is so very difficult letting go. I love him so much! Happy Birthday to a very special young man!

The sacrifices we make as parents are not always easy but they are worth it. He is so happy with his independance and his life. What more can we ask for as parents?

My Son Calls Home

Husband wasn't feeling to well over the weekend. Brought him to get checked out. Pains in the chest turned out out to be gas. Thank God. AJ my 16yo son called me on my cell phone, on his own, where he lives and said, "Mom is Dad ok?" "Tell Dad I love him and you too Mom."  My son who really didn't speak, couldn't retain much cause of seizures, remembered my number and dialed on his own."  Today be grateful for the health of your children.  Sometimes we are so busy with life we forget how fortunate we truly are.

Autism Awareness

April is Autism awareness month.  I just wanted to say how thankful I am for the progress of my boys.  For those of you that are touched by it, please don't give up hope!  I believe in all things and miracles.

To My Precious Child with Autism
I feel the courage in your heart,
I see how hard you try,
this world is oh so challenging,
please baby don’t you cry.
I know how hard it is for you,
but look how far you’ve come,
just take my hand, I will be your voice,
I’ll always understand.

My precious child with Autism,
you must always believe,
that no matter how hard things could be,
there is nothing you can’t achieve.
And when you do achieve your goals,
you’ll turn around and see,
that I am still beside you,
forever you and me.

So reach for the stars and don’t you fear,
I’ll help you all the way,
for I love you with all my heart,
each and every day.

Evaluating the Everyday Hurt

I have been really evaluating why I have chosen to do the things that I have done in the past. It is amazing the choices I have made without realizing, "WHY?"  When my son, Anthony left home about 8 years ago I stopped cooking.  I enjoyed cooking when he lived at home.  He loved to eat.  It made me sad to cook and eat at the table without him.  His chair was empty. Only recently, I realized I was protecting myself from the sadness, hurt and pain inside I was feeling.  For the past couple of weeks I find myself passionate about cooking again.  I think the lesson here is to evaluate your subconscious and if it is serving you.

AJ Helps at the Nursing Home

Picked up AJ from his Woodbury residence.  I ask him how his week was.  He said he worked at the nursing home for a day.  He set the table for their  holiday party, made goodie bags, assisted in the kitchen and helped where ever needed.  He looked at me and said, "Mom I loved it!  I really enjoyed helping people!"  "That is what I want to do for a living!"  Best Christmas gift ever!  How much I love that young man!  So proud!  This is the young man who couldn't speak, behaviorial issues, processing delay and was emotionally disruptive.  Michael to the right and AJ to the left.

Being Honored

My night of being honored at the Muttontown Country  Club for my book for The Center of Developmental Disabilities.  The night was magical.

Book Signing

A Mother'Intuition book signing this past Sunday, October 19th at The Center for Developmental Disabilities in Woodbury, NY.

Book Signing for A Mother's Intuition

A Mother's Intuition
Autism-A Journey into Forgiveness & Healing
Catherine Marinelli-Gagliano
  Book Signing
October 19th & November 9th
10am - 2pm
@ The Center for Developmental Disabilities
    72 South Woods Road
    Woodbury, N.Y. 11797
    For questions please call:
     (516) 921-7650 x415
Please come meet me and other parents of special needs children!

Gentle reminder: Enjoy your children when they are young.

I have been feeling a little overwhelmed lately thinking I did't enjoy my children enough when they were little.  I stopped working on Wall Street to help my son AJ who is the oldest.  His autism was very complicated.  I know my mind and husband remind me constantly that it was impossible because his disabilities were so complex but it still plagues me at times.  So my advice to parents raising special children like mine please take your time and enjoy them.  We are so busy running around to therapy sessions, doctor's appointments, etc. it becomes very difficult to do.  I love both my boys tremendously and while they are 15 and 13 years old I am promising myself to enjoy them every moment and every memory because life and childhood are both too short. 

A Mother's Intuition is Published

My baby is born! A Mother's Intuition available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble & ebooks. Hard copy in a few days. Thanks for all your support. 

Every Autistic Child Has Their Gifts!

Every autistic child has their gift. My son Anthony made this puzzle of Venice Italy. 1,500 Pieces What patience and excellent eye/hand coordination. Only a half hour a day for six weeks. Amazing!

Vacation Progress

Wow! What amazing progress on vacation! Both boys in the amusement park while Mom & Dad relax! Great Wolf Lodge, Pocono Mountains.

"If You Believe He Can He Will!"

On Saturday my son AJ asked if he could.go to the deli alone to pick up breakfast with his bike.  This is my son who has PDD, could not be unsupervised, had a hard time.communicating, behavioral, etc. I let him go with his backpack he went. I said a prayer and held my breath. He made it there and back with a smile on his face and a sense of accomplishment. He said "thanks Ma for believing that I could do it!" So proud of his independance and accomplishments!

I Found a Publisher!

I found a publisher for my manuscript "A Mother's Intuition" will be out on or close to August 8th! Thank you all for the love and support!

Feeling Blessed!

My son Anthony 15 yo resides in Woodbury. An aid in his classroom said he was walking down the hallway and saw a girl struggling to walk and told the aid he would be right back. The girl has savere muscular difficulties. He grabbed her arm had her lean on him and took her to her classroom and helped her sit. The aid said Anthony what happened? He responded, a friend needed my help and sometimes others need more and its our job to help! Love that boy!

Thank you Center for Developmental Disabilities!

As a parent of a special needs child, I'm a part of a unique club of people with a common bond sharing the joys and challenges of raising children who are specially gifted.
The staff at CDD is part of my club, too.  You have chosen to share your amazing skills, compassion and gifts with my child.  You certainly had the choice to do other things and use your many talents elsewhere.
I am glad you chose to be part of the CDD family and I am grateful for what each of you gives of yourself each day to make our children's days brighter and more meaningful.
My son is a better person for knowing you and you have made a very positive difference in his life -- and in mine!
Thanks for all you do and for being part of my club and the CDD family!

Thank You Linda Patrissi

I will never forget what a loving and compassionate teacher you were to my son and other children. We were definitely blessed to have someone like yourself cross our path. It has been a very difficult journey but it is people like yourself, the angels on earth that have made my heart lighter. Thank you for being who you are! Please don't ever change even if it means standing up for what you believe in. Like you did for my son!

Anthony's Kindergarten Experience

Monday, March 12th I went to dinner with my husband, Anthony.  I was tired but since he was home early we decided to catch up with some adult conversation.  As we are sitting I recognized a woman eating across from us.  She was my son's kindergarten teacher. She went above and beyond for my son Anthony and I will never forget how passionate she was as a teacher.
He was in a 10/10 2 class.  Some children w/ disabilities, some without, one teacher and one aid.  She really fought to keep him in her class.  The principal on the other hand wanted him removed from the school.  He was active, had seizures but wanted to learn to badly.  She fought with the principal almost losing her job.  She said that there was no child she wasn't willing to teach or help.  He responded with sometimes they just can't be helped.  How this arrogant man broke my heart.
She would come to my home to visit, read to him, bring him gifts and would encourage me NOT TO GIVE UP!  What a beautiful, loving passionate soul.
Long story short, she since retired because of the new curriculum a few years ago.  She was sitting with a friend asking her how many childrens' lives she may have impacted.  Here I am telling her that she impacted my son's and my life so much at the beginning of my journey I had to mention the experience in my book "A Mother's Intuition".  She had tears in her eyes and said "thank you so much you made my Mother's Day and my entire career!"
The moral of the story is I wasn't there for dinner. I was there to deliver a message to that someone who put it out into the universe!
Linda Patrissi, passionate teacher and an angel on earth.  Parents DO NOT GIVE UP! THERE IS NO SUCH WORD AS CAN'T!
Love & Light, Cathy

Lavender Oil Has Healing Properties

Just wanted share how the scent of lavender affects the human body.  My sons Anthony and Michael both suffer with anxiety.  I bought lavender oil and candles quite some time ago.  The scent is lovely, calming and soothing.  I sprinkle lavender oil on their pillows and bed spreads and find my children to be extremely calm and peaceful.  Lavender definitely has healing properties.  So for anyone who needs some healing and soothing of the nerves just keep this in mind!

Autism/Music Therapy WOW AMAZING!

So my son Anthony will be dancing and singing to Michael Jackson this Wednesday where he resides. I decided to surprise him with the black pants, white shirt, black hat and infamous white shiny glove. To my surprise he magically transformed himself! Musical therapy for autistic children is absolutely AMAZING!

A Mother's Intuition/Editing Process is Over!

Wow! So the editing process has finally come to a close. I'm now in the process of writing a synopsis for the publisher. I have butterflies in my stomach. How funny is that?! Asking for some positive energy and good wishes!! Please wish me luck. So exciting.....thanks!  Thanks for all of the support!

Anthony, Jr.'s Improvements

On Wednesday, March 12th I had Anthony, Jr.'s I.E.P. (Individual Education Plan) Meeting.  It was held where he resides at C.D.D. in Woodbury.  My meeting was very successful for a change.  I felt as if we were discussing someone else's child. Almost as if it were an out-of-body experience.  This young man that could not communicate, express himself or his emotions is doing all these things and even more. He has his behaviors, emotions and impulses under control.  This is the awesome young man that I knew was trapped in that body waiting to come out!  I believe in the power of prayer and miracles and my son is a prime example of "FAITH" existing in our lives!

Anthony, Jr. Makes Student of the Month

Congratulations to ANTHONY for making "Student of the Month" for excellence and improvement in cooking, reading and spelling! So very proud of him! His teacher is an awesome, talented and patient human being. He is an angel on earth. He has proven to me on so many occasions that my son is capable of achieving. He constantly challenges him. Thank u to all you teachers that are passionate about what they do! Thank goodness for teachers like him for they do not give up on children like "ANTHONY!"

A Lesson Learned 2/12/14

My son Michael was called lazy and useless by his homeroom teacher yesterday. He made excuses for her behavior and I had explained that it was unacceptable as a teacher. When u choose to be a teacher and in the public eye there are standards that must be followed. He asked what made her different than the bullies. I had no response. I had his iep meeting today and Michael was able to attend. He is passing all of his classes. He had the opportunity to switch classes and he said he wished to try harder, stay after and study more. So very proud of him. Today when he arrived home he told me he loved me and thanked me for having his back. Most of all making them aware that the teacher is and was responsible for her actions. My Aspergers son has his shit together than some adults around him! Love him!

"I Have The Hardest Job In the World"

I woke up this morning with a heavy heart, a little different than usual. When you devote your time and attention to your children especially when they have special needs you tend to lose yourself. It is very difficult to always stay in the positive, take care of yourself and keep pressing forward. It has been at least 13 years since I sacrificed my lucrative job on Wall Street. A job that I loved and was respected by others every day. Then there was the "surprise of all surprises", "the curve ball", "the things that you don't plan on, or think about when your planning on having children", "it's called AUTISM." Just because I stopped working for a salary does not mean that I'm not working even harder at home. You can't put a price tag on sacrificing yourself for the future of your children. So when people say, "Cathy, why aren't you working?" My answer to that is, "I am every day, with the heavy heart, an open mind, and with a smile on my face." I can only pray for the people whom can never wrap their heads around how difficult my life is. I feel beat up, tired, misunderstood, depressed and anxious at times. But every day with a smile on my face fighting the good fight for the future of my children. It has taken its toll, but my boys, especially Anthony, Jr. are showing me that it's all worth it. So as I have tears rolling down my face, please remember you can't put a price tag on things and this is one of them. "So STOP asking me why I'm not working?" "I have the most hardest job in the WORLD!" If you don't have a clue, please keep your comments and stupidity to yourself! (My challenge for myself is: even when I don't feel appreciated, or understood, to know that I was put on this earth for a reason and Wall Street was not that reason.) By the way, just because my son Anthony, Jr. does not reside with my during the week does NOT mean I don't suffer all week long from the emotions I bear in my heart. Just because something is logical in your MIND does NOT mean it is logical in your HEART! This is called unconditional love, but in all reality you suffer the consequences for it daily and in return you hope and pray that all you have done has paid off!

Autism - Kangen Water

To my friends, families and followers,

Please read this article on autism. You will be amazed at what you need to know and find out. An article given to me from a very close friend.

Dear Subscribers,


Several close friends of mine have children with Autism.  I’ve always been intrigued with Autism and what the causes are.  Since the purchase of my Kangen water machine I have become quite interested in the human body and what causes most illness.  I have concluded that most illness is caused mainly by poor eating habits and dehydration.  Of course, there are many factors and variables, but I have found that what we eat has a major impact on our cells and organs.  In addition, our bodies are made up of 70 percent water and we lose about 2.5 liters of water per day due to urination, sweat, and breathing.  Only water can really hydrate your body.  All other fluids can actually further dehydrate your body.  What the body really needs is water but not just any water, the right kind of water which is micro-clustered (explained below).  As you read further you will find some of the causes for autism.  I hope that you read these articles because my intention is to bring awareness to the readers.  Even if this particular disorder does not affect you directly it may be affecting someone you know and you can pass the information forward.  This week’s choice is autism.

During the first month of life, newborns do not know that a world beyond themselves exists.  As children grow, so do their interactions with the world.  But in some instances, a child’s ability to interact with the environment and people stays limited.  This severe behavioral problem is known as autism.
Autistic children are extremely withdrawn and tend to live in their own fantasy world.  They are often unable to express themselves verbally, and do not make eye contact.   According to studies performed by the Autism Research Institute in San Diego, autistic children tend to have weak immune system, which causes decreased resistance to infections, particular upper respiratory and ear infections, as well as autoimmune problems.
Studies indicate that autism may be the result of adverse reaction to childhood vaccinations.  Dr. Alan Cohen, an environmental physician from Connecticut, notes high levels of autism and attention deficit disorder (ADD) did not occur until the mandated use of childhood vaccinations, and suggests that there may be a connection between certain vaccines and the onset of these conditions.  A FDA statement concludes that children are exposed to unsafe levels of mercury through vaccines containing Thimerosal, which has been linked to autism.  Thimerosal in vaccines form is 50 times more toxic than plain mercury.  Since infants are unable to excrete mercury, it accumulates in the brain cells, liver, gut and nerves, causing symptoms of poisoning.
In addition, antibiotic overuse can lead to an inability to properly digest nutrients, known as malabsorption syndrome.  What happens is that antibiotics destroy healthy bacteria in the gut, with a concomitant (accompanied with) proliferation of yeast.
Many autistic children suffer from food allergies.  Certain foods produce inflammatory compounds that travel to the brain and cause brain allergies, which are manifested as psychological disorders.  Food allergies are actually tested for and treated; sadly, though, this is an area often neglected by mainstream medicine.  In addition, children with autism may be low in sulfur amino acids, which are needed by the liver for detoxification.  When amino acids are absent, the liver is unable to effectively purge harmful molecules taken in from the air, food, and water.  As a result, poisonous substances reenter the bloodstream and circulate to the brain, where they can cause behavioral, focusing and memory problems.

Children with autism also tend to suffer from heavy metal toxicity.  Hair analysis and other tests that detect this problem often show that autistic children have excessive amounts of antimony (a metallic metal), aluminum, arsenic, lead and cadmium (a metallic metal resembling tin).  This may be related to the disordered sulfur chemistry just mentioned, which prevents heavy metals from being excreted from the body.  Supplying sulfur amino acids can sometimes eliminate this problem.

Children with autism should be eating a variety of fresh foods that are free of additives and preservatives.  A diet of organic foods assures that what is eaten is pesticides-free.  This is important for everyone, but especially for these children who have difficulty eliminating toxins.  In addition, autistic children are often low in vitamin B6 and magnesium, two nutrients that, when taken as supplements, can produce vast improvements.  Several studies show that between 30 to 40 percent of autistic children respond to B6 replacement.

The herb ginkgo biloba is good for anyone who needs to enhance brain functioning because it strengthens circulation to the brain.  Vitamin C is also highly recommended.  Autistic children can also benefit from papaya and pineapple enzymes to a degree when there are digestive problems related to a difficulty in breaking down protein.   Most autistic children can benefit from multivitamin and from essential fatty acids, found in flaxseed oil, fish oil, primrose oil, sesame seed oil, almond oil and walnut oil.  Please be advised that it is important to remember that children need smaller doses of nutrients than adults.  Exact amounts depend on the age and size of the child, and supplement intake should be prescribed and monitored by a health practitioner, but can offer general range for daily doses.  

What to Avoid       
Pollutants, and food additives and preservatives should be avoided as much as possible. 

Important Alternative Treatment
Of course, this is where our Kangen water machine can play an important role with the foods we eat.  Many of us buy organic foods because they are better for us, but the minute you wash your foods in tap water or even filtered water your fruits and vegetables are not organic anymore.  Why? This is due to all the chemicals added to our tap water, chemicals such as chlorine, fluoride and many other chemicals that are poisonous to our bodies.  Some of you might say, well, I buy bottled water, but how do you know if that bottled water is not filtered water?  We are trusting that it is, but what if it’s not?  Most filtration systems are not capable of getting rid of all the chemicals in our tap, filtered water or bottled water.  Our machine also produces different kinds of waters.  The 11.5 for example, can be used to soak and wash all our foods and get rid of all chemicals and pesticides that are found in all fruits, vegetables and meats.    Moreover, our alkaline water is rich in antioxidants that fight against the free radicals in our bodies.   Free radicals are responsible for turning an apple brown when you slice it.  They cause the cellular structure to break down, deteriorate—all cellular structures, including the cells in your body.  One of the most important features of our Kangen water is the small micro-clusters.  The smaller micro clusters allow the water to go directly into our cellular structure renewing and rejuvenating our cells immediately, most importantly, hydrating our brains instantly.  Please know that water is the most essential ingredient for the brain.  It is imperative for your brain to have the right amount of water.  Water is the most important nutrient because our bodies are made of 70 percent of water; and the brain is about 80 percent surrounded in water.  Most people are dehydrated because regular water that is not micro-clustered goes right through you; not remain in you.  Due to this you will remain dehydrated; depriving your body of the most important nutrient-water! 
In the past, I found that I wasn’t able to drink much water because when I did drink a lot of water I found myself feeling bloated.  In addition, I had a feeling of nausea because of my water intake.  So, as a result, I didn’t want to drink water.  Unfortunately, my cells were screaming for water and simultaneously breaking down; opening the doors to illness and disease.  When your cells do not get the amount of water necessary your cells will begin to breakdown as well allowing all kinds of disorders to enter your body.  Please watch this amazing YouTube video with Dr. Corinne Allen on You Brain on Water.  She is an expert on brain health.  You can also contact me for more information or to attend a demo on the best water that is available to us at the present time.  My numbers is (631) 335-8892 or visit my website at www.needh2o.com.  I am here to help so please do not hesitate to contact me anytime.  You can also reach me through email at dsamo8@verizon.net.  It is imperative that we start becoming aware of the best way we can maintain our health.  The medical industry will not give you an educational course; not because they might not want to, but because their offices are full of patients.  They really do not have the time to fully educate you.  It is up to you to take responsibility and complete control of your body and health today!

 All My Love,
Damaris Samolinski

Reaching Out!

Please for those of you that know families and friends affected by autism, please let them know they are not a lone.  I have had many struggles with my own two children and at one point became very isolated for many years.  My children are making tremendous strides.  I'm trying to pay it forward by helping others through my book and blog. Hopefully, published in the spring and making final edits as we speak.  I know this is what I'm suppose to be doing.  You are never alone. Follow me on Facebook.  Always looking to help.....

The Publishing of "A Mother's Intuition"

Hello everyone!

It's so thrilling when your friends and family are excited about your new venture just as much as you are!  So I found and have this awesome editor and we are almost done with the finalization. Now it's patience with the publishing.  It has been a melancholy experience for myself and husband.  I'm excited to learn and experience the many wonderful things about Reiki and special needs children. What a affective tool this is for them to experience.  It's been quite some time since I posted and hopefully it should be published by mid 2014!
Love and light,

Author, Reiki & I.E.T. Healer

To all my friends, family and fans:
This blog is for any questions parents or caregivers may have or would like to ask about their very special child, friend or family member with a disability.
My book "A Mother's Intuition", Autism - A Journey into Forgiveness and Healing  should be out some time in Spring -Summer/2014.  I shall keep you all updated.  Thanks for your support.  Love and light, Cathy
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