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Anthony's Kindergarten Experience

Monday, March 12th I went to dinner with my husband, Anthony.  I was tired but since he was home early we decided to catch up with some adult conversation.  As we are sitting I recognized a woman eating across from us.  She was my son's kindergarten teacher. She went above and beyond for my son Anthony and I will never forget how passionate she was as a teacher.
He was in a 10/10 2 class.  Some children w/ disabilities, some without, one teacher and one aid.  She really fought to keep him in her class.  The principal on the other hand wanted him removed from the school.  He was active, had seizures but wanted to learn to badly.  She fought with the principal almost losing her job.  She said that there was no child she wasn't willing to teach or help.  He responded with sometimes they just can't be helped.  How this arrogant man broke my heart.
She would come to my home to visit, read to him, bring him gifts and would encourage me NOT TO GIVE UP!  What a beautiful, loving passionate soul.
Long story short, she since retired because of the new curriculum a few years ago.  She was sitting with a friend asking her how many childrens' lives she may have impacted.  Here I am telling her that she impacted my son's and my life so much at the beginning of my journey I had to mention the experience in my book "A Mother's Intuition".  She had tears in her eyes and said "thank you so much you made my Mother's Day and my entire career!"
The moral of the story is I wasn't there for dinner. I was there to deliver a message to that someone who put it out into the universe!
Linda Patrissi, passionate teacher and an angel on earth.  Parents DO NOT GIVE UP! THERE IS NO SUCH WORD AS CAN'T!
Love & Light, Cathy

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Linda Patrissi on Wednesday, May 21, 2014 3:34 PM
Following our chance meeting,I was searching to see when your book might get published and found your website.I went home that evening thinking what were the chances of me choosing that restaurant and that specific time of day to dine with my friend.I just retired in June,2013 after 36 years of teaching. I often thought of your Anthony and my other "babies". My neighbor asked me how I could teach so long...my answer was it was for my love of the children and their parents. Each child was their own special self with a puzzle for me to piece together. I tried my best with each child because they all mattered to me and I wanted them to know that they each could learn at their own rate. Thank you for our chance meeting and for all the beautiful things you said to me. We were a team working for the good of Anthony. Keep in touch with me. Good luck and God bless your efforts to share all of your intuition with others who will benefit from it.
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resumewriters review on Tuesday, May 14, 2019 10:56 AM
This is so cute. I remember when I was on the same age, I really love to study and be the best of my class. So much memories when I was in kindergarten wherein I am so excited to go to school because I wanna see my mates and friends again. This is the time which what I only know is to eat, study, and play. My teacher also is very adorable and caring but her voice is so loud.

essay writer on Sunday, March 26, 2017 2:18 AM
Cathy, how are you? You had a great time with the Kindergarten teacher. I appreciate you for your writing. I hope your son will success in his life. Thanks!
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rush-essay on Sunday, July 29, 2018 7:58 AM
Being through such amazing experience surely had been a great tenure for you and I was glad to know about it. I am always willing to take inspiration and motivation from such things happened in life.
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