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Christmas Miracles

Christmas Miracles

Something to lift the spirit for the holidays.

Picked up AJ from his Woodbury residence. I ask him how his week was. He said he worked at the nursing home for a day. He set the table for their holiday party, made goodie bags, assisted in the kitchen and helped where ever needed. He looked at me and said, "Mom I loved it! I really enjoyed helping people!" "That is what I want to do for a living!" Best Christmas gift ever! How much I love that young man! So proud! This is the young man who couldn't speak, behaviorial issues, processing delay and was emotionally disruptive. My advice to family and friends of special needs children, don't ever underestimate what they are able to accomplish.  Faith, hope and prayers are a very big part of my daily life.  The mindset is a very strong tool so use it wisely and keep focused on your goals whether it is for you or someone you love. 

Have a wonderful holiday.  My best to all of you.

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