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Feeling Blessed!

Autism Awareness

April is Autism awareness month.  I just wanted to say how thankful I am for the progress of my boys.  For those of you that are touched by it, please don't give up hope!  I believe in all things and miracles.

To My Precious Child with Autism
I feel the courage in your heart,
I see how hard you try,
this world is oh so challenging,
please baby don’t you cry.
I know how hard it is for you,
but look how far you’ve come,
just take my hand, I will be your voice,
I’ll always understand.

My precious child with Autism,
you must always believe,
that no matter how hard things could be,
there is nothing you can’t achieve.
And when you do achieve your goals,
you’ll turn around and see,
that I am still beside you,
forever you and me.

So reach for the stars and don’t you fear,
I’ll help you all the way,
for I love you with all my heart,
each and every day.

Feeling Blessed!

My son Anthony 15 yo resides in Woodbury. An aid in his classroom said he was walking down the hallway and saw a girl struggling to walk and told the aid he would be right back. The girl has savere muscular difficulties. He grabbed her arm had her lean on him and took her to her classroom and helped her sit. The aid said Anthony what happened? He responded, a friend needed my help and sometimes others need more and its our job to help! Love that boy!
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