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Prom 2018

Tim Tiebow Night to Shine Prom

This is my son Anthony (left) and his best friend, Joe.  As a parent you always want your children to have those milestones. One of Anthony's came in February when he went to the prom with his best friend.  Anthony received an invitation through a nomination.  He didn't want to go without Joe and I made that happen through a few phone calls. It was a night to remember.  The excitement and the smiles on their faces were incredible.  They danced the night away.  It was such an awsome time for all of those involved.  It is such a wonderful experience for all special needs children.  There are no words to describe as a parent the happiness we felt for both of them that magical evening.  All things are possible. Love, hope and faith! Don't ever give up. Sometimes hope and faith is all we have. Love to you all. Cathy
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