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AJ's Winter Break and Why Letting Go is so Important

Now that winter break is over, the new year begins and my birthday approaching I become reflective as always. I guess almost like a mama bear in it's cave gazing at it's cubs. Yeah it's like that. Feeling very melancholy lately. Maybe even more so because of my ❤️ condition. So my son AJ was here for the entire break. As you all know, he lives in Woodbury because of his disabilities. What a mature young man he has become. Every morning he would bundle up and take our family dog for a walk with no questions asked. He intuitively knew it was too cold for me to be outside. He would take the laundry down without hesitation. Asked if I was ok and needed anything. Why is it important to let them go unconditionally and trust? So they return home with a sense of independence, understanding and maturity. So they can discover their wings and fly on their own. I miss him every day as I live an breathe with him in my heart. Looking back though, in hindsight, it was the best decision for us a family unit. For him to grow into an adult and be able to function in a society where being different isn't always accepted and extremely challenging. So today I pat myself on the back because he is becoming the young man I knew he could be. I am extremely grateful for all of his accomplishments big and small. He is seizure free, communicative, expresses his emotions, uses curse words appropriately and within context, (lol) has a great sense of humor, is compassionate, has empathy and is a loving person. He has a lot of more to accomplish but it's within his reach. God has his hand in everything and in everything there is God. Hope and faith keep you on your mark. Don't lose sight even when all seems imposssible. HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!

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