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Center for Developmental Disabilities Fall Festival for Families

My son AJ has not lived with us since he was 7 1/2 years old. Not an easy decision to make but one that we have NO regrets making to give him the best future possible. I'm a parent advocate and very involved in festivities for his school which is funded by our Parents Association. As a special needs parent, I feel very blessed to be surrounded by other parents that understand my situation. I enjoy working with these children and having them experience the same things that neuro-typical children experience on a daily basis. We organized a Fall Festival. The children picked pumpkins and decorated them with stickers. We had bushels of apples and the children got to pick one for themselves. We had delicious snacks and tattoos. What was enjoyed most by all was the petting zoo. These animals had such a calming affect on these children. To watch the children's faces as the spent time in the presence of these animals was such a great experience.

My European parents didn't approve of my son living outside of our home. They didn't understand the depth of his disabilities and the sacrifices we made to give him what he needed to be successful in this world. I know they were coming only from a place of love but it hurt me and my husband to the core. The day of the Fall Festival my parents came and shared in the day with myself, their grandson and the children. All things are possible. Don't ever give up faith and hope. You need to do what works for you and not care what others think. It is very difficult to do but in the end you will see for yourself your intuition is a gift and it should be followed always.

These animals were all rescued and now cared for with love.

Love & Light, Cathy

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