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Gentle reminder: Enjoy your children when they are young.

I have been feeling a little overwhelmed lately thinking I did't enjoy my children enough when they were little. I stopped working on Wall Street to help my son AJ who is the oldest. His autism was very complicated. I know my mind and husband remind me constantly that it was impossible because his disabilities were so complex but it still plagues me at times. So my advice to parents raising special children like mine please take your time and enjoy them. We are so busy running around to therapy sessions, doctor's appointments, etc. it becomes very difficult to do. I love both my boys tremendously and while they are 15 and 13 years old I am promising myself to enjoy them every moment and every memory because life and childhood are both too short.

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To all my friends, family and fans: This blog is for any questions parents or caregivers may have or would like to ask about their very special child, friend or family member with a disability.


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