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My Heart Attack

If you are a special needs parent, please take the time to read this. Hey friends. Debating posting this because some things you can't wrap your head around or process. So this past Thursday, November 2nd while at a meeting in AJ's school I had a heart attack. Good news there was a nurse on staff and I had my two good friends that are my advocates with me. They kept me calm and got me help. Takotsubo Cardiomyopathy. Now what is that? Broken Heart Syndrome . Guess what people it does exist. I'm ok. I do not need stents but a defribulator which is being put in tomorrow. Why am I letting you guys know? I lost 120 pounds, watched what I ate, meditated and distressed the best way I could. I thought I was ok. I was not a candidate to be a cardiac patient. That day was like any other day and I had about enough of one person's bullshit and I paid a very heavy price. So my advice to all of you is that stress kills. Tell people off when necessary beating the shit out of them is optional. But don't do what I did. Statistics are that most ladies don't survive this. Love to all of you. Please be grateful for your family and friends. Always find time and tell them you love them. Hugs are the best medicine.❤

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