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The Ups and Downs of Autism

Hey friends. I find it much easier to post when things are going so well. Another when your heart hurts as a parent because of tough love. My son AJ kicked a hole in the wall because of batteries for his xbox on Saturday morning. I'm sure it was his impulsivity. My husband headed out to buy them only to return to the damage. We were in the process of a solution but apparently it wasn't face enough.(My son Michael ordered a wire adapter from Amazon. No more batteries.) My husband took him downstairs and showed him how to repair it. I asked my son what happens when you are working in the real world and don't get your way? Do you physically damage property, curse and lash out? He put his head down and said no Mom. Unfortunately I had plans to spend quality time but I had to bring him back to his residence. There he broke two staff phones and a window. Destruction of property in my home is a deal breaker. Parents of special needs children know all too well. He's 18yo I expect so much more from him and I know he's capable of it. This autism life is exhausting. The highs and lows of emotions are surmountable at times. He's come very far and yes things could be worse but I'm tired and little heartbroken. I'm a strong person but just want to hide from it all. So enjoy your children this week and keep in mind everyone has a struggle you don't know about. Be patient, loving, care for one another and try not to judge.

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