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Tired of Being Worried and Tired (The Raw Truth)

I know I'm not alone in this. Special needs parents are always tired, anxious, worried, stressed and running on adrenaline. When people tell me I'm strong and that's why I have two sons with disabilities, I have to say it's bullshit. You are special and you only get what you can handle. More bullshit. That's because people don't know what to say. That's the truth. To be honest with you, I'm all about being positive but this life is really dam difficult. I'm so tired of making decisions, worrying about triggers and meltdowns and thinking for everyone that when it comes to myself I'm out of thoughts. That's why it's so important to take care of ourselves. Take time for self nurturing. My mind is my prison lately. I'm really struggling with all of this lately. Now that we have this new Congress in the Whitehouse we never know what challenges they/he will add to our lives on a daily basis. Now we have to continue to fight even harder for services because it looks like disabled children are going to suffer the consequences of our new education system to be implemented along with services and trying to make cuts and changes to Medicaid. From my perspective being discriminated against because of disabilities. So instead of helping the less fortunate or the weak, Congress decided unprotect and give them less. I'm not one for discussing politics but it is in disgraceful taste all that is being descriminated against and dividing us as a nation. So it is my duty to remain resistant and mindful of what is important and fight back. Our future children deserve so much more. We need to preserve democracy as we know it. All of this chaos, hate and divide really does hurt my heart and makes me emotional. I would really like to get feedback in knowing that I'm not alone. Which is how I feel most of the time. We are all different, but should accept the differences with an open mind and heart. I would rather love and care for one another than hate. Peace and love to everyone.

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