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Trip to Antigua this summer

I have been asked for updates and more posts which I think is great! So Thank you!

This past summer my family and I traveled to Antigua. A trip that was given to us for my volunteer work with disabled children and for my book.

My son AJ who has not lived with us since he is 71/2 years old is now 17 and very independent. My husband and I wanted to stay at the resort while my son AJ wanted to experience the entire island. My son was introduced to the activities director which had his own disabilitiy. I explained to my husband we needed to let him go and be that independent young man we are raising him to become. My husband and 14yo son had issues with my decision.

Every morning AJ would meet the acitivities director after breakfast and follow the activities agenda with all the guests. Volley ball, hiking, touring, tennis, water sports, etc. He would meet us back at the cottage at 6:30pm in time for dinner. I showed him the available of the phones at every section of the resort and how to use it to call a cart for transportation. For him not to panic if he had become lost because all of the units looked a like. He had his name and cottage around his neck.

I told my husband to let him experience the island through his own eyes. If we hold him back the trip will not be the same for him. One morning he awoke took his meds and went for a walk. He followed a man cutting down fruits from the island. Two hours later he knocked on the door with a cut open coconut. With excitement in his voice, "Mom I wanted you to taste a real fresh coconut cut off of the tree!"

My husband said that there was something wrong with me to let him go like that. I knew it was time and that he was ready. I told my husband to hang out at the pool, enjoy some drinks, let go and let GOD take over.

All in all, it was an awsome trip! By the end of it all of the tourists and island natives knew who he was and greeted him with a smile and a hello! The young man who could not speak and struggled with so many disabilities.

All things are possible! Hold on to your hope and keep your faith!

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